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The top USA online casinos for video poker in 2014. Video poker guides and no deposit bonuses for video poker players. These casinos have the best video poker games, bonuses and payout percentages on the Internet.


casino video poker guide - best USA online casinos for video poker - no deposit video poker bonuses in 2014

top usa casinos for video poker 2014Updated In February, 2018 - Casino video poker is arguably one of the most popular games at both brick and mortar (B&M) casinos and online casinos in 2014. I love playing real money video poker online at casinos accepting USA players in 2014 because of the largest selection of different video poker games to play. My personal favorites include the bonus video poker games and the Deuces Wild video poker games. I am also a big fan of multi-hand video poker. The best online casinos for video poker in 2014 will depend on your personal preferences. You may like the video poker games with the biggest payouts, or the video poker machines with the highest payout percentage or the untraditional video poker games like Bump It Up video poker . The best video poker casinos for Americans also have special bonuses exclusively designed for video poker players. I really hate it when I claim a bonus at a new online casino and then find out that the video poker games and table games are blocked. They force you to use the free casino money to play slots and only slots. This is bull**** if you ask me. has worked out many exclusive no deposit bonuses for video poker at the top USA online casinos in 2014. These no deposit video poker bonuses range in value from $5 to $25. This free video poker money is credited instantly at all of our featured video poker casinos for U.S. citizens in 2014. Casino video poker games are the only class of casino game that ever has a negative house edge. This basically means that the edge is in the player's favor instead of the casino. The best video poker payout percentage at an Internet casino that I have ever seen was 107%. This means that for every $1 wagered the casino pays out $1.07, on average. How is this possible? Some of the top casinos for video poker have progressive jackpot games. The typical payout for a Royal Flush is 4,000 credits but what happens when the Royal Flush progressive jackpot reaches the equivalent of 6,000 credits or even 20,000 credits?

It drastically alters the payout percentage for the game. It would be like if a Jacks or Better video poker game paid out twice your bet for getting a single pair of Jacks or higher, instead of just breaking even. That would completely change the payout percentage / house edge for the video poker game and players would have an advantage over the house. The best video poker online casinos accepting U.S. players in 2014 do not have to have progressive jackpot video poker games in order to boast a much better payout percentage than the video poker games you play at your local casino or in Vegas. Some of our top casinos for video poker players in 2014 have certain games that offer a 20,000 credit payout for a sequential Royal Flush. Other games may pay out 400 credits, when wagering 5 credits, for a four of a kind, instead of the usual 125 credits you get when you wager 5 credits. It is far easier to win money playing video poker on the Internet than it is when playing live. In my state - Illinois - most of the video poker gaming machines only pay out 2,000 credits for a Royal Flush so you do not gain anything by wagering all 5 credits per hand. I have added a list of the best video poker casinos for Americans online in 2014 below. At several of these USA friendly casinos you will instantly receive free casino money to play video poker with. To claim our no deposit casino bonuses you must first use our link to visit the casino site and then enter our no deposit bonus code, but only if a bonus code is listed below.

Best online casinos for video poker - US casinos with best video poker games

The best video poker casinos for U.S. players in 2014 are listed below. These casinos have the most video poker games, the best casino video poker games, the top video poker bonuses and even some no deposit video poker bonuses in 2014 . You can instantly claim free video poker money without a deposit by using our links and video poker bonus codes in 2014. The video poker games at these USA friendly casinos have much higher payout percentages than other casinos on the Internet and are even easier to win money from than the video poker machines found at brick and mortar casinos and bars. You can learn more at and

Top Video Poker Casinos
Video Poker Games
Top Payout Percentage
No Deposit Video Poker Bonus
Video Poker Deposit Bonus
Video Poker Bonus Code
Claim Free Money
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casino video poker game guide
$22 no deposit bonus
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the best USA casino network for video poker games in 2014

best casino software network for video poker games 2014There are five major online casino networks in the USA in 2014. The Realtime Gaming Network, or RTG, is the largest network so more casinos use the RTG casino software than any other network software. Generally speaking, two casinos on the same network will offer the same exact games but the bonuses and promotions will be different. Our top USA casino to play real money video poker at in 2014 is This newer casino is a hybrid, which means that the use the software from two different networks. In the case of they have combined the RTG platform with the Betsoft platform. You can even claim a free $22 no deposit bonus for video poker. RTG casinos have always been the best for video poker players because they have the most games, the best software and the highest payout percentage for video poker, meaning that you will have better odds of winning money. It also helps that there are several RealTimeGaming casinos listed below that are giving players who use our link and our bonus code a no deposit bonus, which can be used to play video poker. I have listed all of the major U.S.A. friendly casino software networks below . I have also listed the details that video poker players will find important, like the number of video poker games, video poker bonuses and stuff like that. To the right there is a column containing the best casino for video poker on that specific network. There is a special bonus link that includes how big our no deposit bonus is at that particular USA casino. Some of them require you to use our link and enter in a n o deposit bonus code for the free video poker chips so be sure to check above and write down our bonus code for the casino that you choose. You will notice that is listed as the

Gambling Site
Video Poker
Multi-Hand Options
Video Poker
Game Payout Percentage
Video Poker Game Review
Best Casino / No Deposit Bonus
rtg video poker games
casino with most video poker games
1, 3, 10, 52, 100
98.49% - 100.18%
RTG casinos have most video poker games than any other casino network. They also have the highest video poker payout percentage. You will actually have an advantage over the house when you play certain video poker games there.
play free video poker no deposit
WinPalace - Claim Free $25 Now
rival video poker games
casino with best video poker games
1, 4, 10, 25
98.13% - 99.51%
Rival has the sharpest looking graphics and best overall video poker platform. They also have some decent payout percentages for their seven video poker variations. I like the smoothness of the games most of all.
video poker casino bonuses 2014
GoldenCherry - Claim Free $333 Now
topgame video poker games
best casino network for video poker
99.06% - 99.55%
TopGame casinos only have 4 video poker games but their maximum payout is 10,000 credits on their Deuces & Joker wild video poker game.
best american video poker casinos
Black Diamond - Claim Free $25 Now
wgs casino video poker games
top casino software for video poker
1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 50, 100
96.76% - 99.74%
There are only a few WGS casinos and they have a very unique video poker game called Bump It Up, one of the coolest video poker games ever.
u.s.a. friendly video poker casino
Miami Club - Claim Free $10 Now
betsoft video poker games
best american casinos for video poker 2014
1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100
96.26% - 99.17%
Betsoft Gaming does have a wide range of video poker games but every time you win you have to wait for the "Double Up" window to appear and then hit cancel. There is no way to speed this up or turn it off .
no deposit bonus codes for video poker - Claim Free $22 Now

guide to playing real money casino video poker online in 2014

online casino video poker guideCasino video poker has been around for as long as online casinos existed and many players enjoyed the adrenaline rush in brick-and-mortar venues. What makes this genre so entertaining is that you don't need any previous training and both beginners and experienced players have the same chance of winning. Once you learn the rules, you are set to start earning and the only way to improve your profit margin is by getting familiar with the optimal strategy. This guide to casino video poker, can help in mitigating the risks affecting those new to this line of work, while maximizing your profits on the long run. It is possible to play video poker online for as little as $.25, or wager as much as five dollars per spin.

Since there is an indissoluble link between the size of the investment and the potential rewards, those who are willing to take more chances are also more likely to win a significant amount. It all begins with the five cards being dealt automatically to the players after placing the wager, with a pair of jacks being usually the lowest qualifying hand. Any weaker hand will result in no payout at all, with players losing the stakes, but the profits depend on the strength of the hand. Any guide to casino video poker must be in complete accord with the payout structure, clearly displayed by the online casinos.

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Players have the prerogative of deciding what hands to hold and which to discard, while pressing the Deal Button again after making this choice. You only get one chance to improve your hand, which means that it is imperative to know what cards to draw for. In the vast majority of cases, players are expected to have a pair of jacks or higher to win, but some games demand a pair of Kings or better. The Golden rule of any guide to casino video poker states that players should focus on increasing the frequency of their winnings, rather than focusing on the sheer amount.

Winning often should be the top priority and that's why players should refrain from drawing for Royal or straight flushes too often. Two pairs or three of a kind won't make you rich overnight, but the chance to make such a hand is significantly better and on the long run, small profits stand to accumulate. Players are only supposed to draw for a straight or a flush if they have four consecutive or suited cards, while going for three of a kind and four of a kind whenever they have the opportunity. A guide to casino video poker should make at least a brief remark about those games featuring a wild card, which is commonly referred to as a joker. This can replace any card, which greatly increases the odds of making a winning combination and presents the opportunity of players winning with a wild Royal flush. Usually, the payouts for video poker games featuring jokers are lower than what regular games pay. I will be adding new casino video poker game reviews, no deposit video poker bonuses, video poker payout percentage updates and reviews of the top online casinos for video poker in 2014.